Black Sheep Tattoo Studio opened doors in February 2010 in the heart of Odense. Our artists and guest artists specialize in different styles of tattooing. Old school, Neo traditional, new school, graphic, dot work, japanese, sketchy, black n grey, realistic…

  We are custom and appointment based parlor. Walk in’s are welcome too, but are subject to availability.

   All size and design piece is custom created with you in mind.  Feel free to bring in references of your idea or describe it and we'll create something beautifully unique. 

  We are strict about being sterile. Needles, gloves, disposable tubes, cups, bags are being utilized, metal grips and other parts are being disinfected and autoclave sterilized.

  Be sure to keep an eye on our News & Events on fb, where you can find information on Flash days, upcoming guest spots and much more.

The origin and functions of tattoos

  Charles Darwin wrote that to his knowledge there was no country in the world that did not practice tattooing or some other form of permanent body decoration...  Not one great country can be named, from the Polar Regions in the north to New Zealand in the South, in which the aborigines do not tattoo themselves. This practice was followed by the Jews of old, and by the ancient in Britons. In Africa and Arab countries...

  A tattoo is defined as an indelible mark fixed upon the body by inserting pigment under the skin. There has been much speculation as to how this type of body decoration originated. One story tells of an english chimney sweep who inadvertently tattooed himself after a fall by wiping his sooty hands over his damaged face; the unfortunate man would not have been pleased with this unintentional and permanent reminder of his accident. This anecdote suggests that chance played a role in the origin of tattoos, an interpretation with which we fully concur.

Current trends in the West

  Tattooing as an art form is thriving as never before. In Europe and North America, tattoos are experiencing unprecedented popularity. Sports stars, pop stars and actors set the trend for popularizing this phenomenon.Humans have always needed to belong, but also to distinguish themselves. They wish to be recognized both as individuals and as part of group, be raised above the masses and let the world know they exist.People seek affiliation with new ideas, groups and individuals as a means to forming an identity. Whereas in tribal societies the individual, body and soul, was the possession of the community, in modern Western society there is a growing sense that the body is a constituent of the individual, with a unique identity. Plastic surgery, fitness, aerobics and diets help maintain physical form that empowers an identity oozing self-confidence. Body decoration is a part of this phenomenon. They are integral to unique personality. Each tattoo reflects a part of the soul; their permanence creates an illusion of eternal youth...